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 Chris Benguhe

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Internationally published inspirational author and columnist Chris Benguhe is a former PEOPLE MAGAZINE writer/tabloid editor turned who gave up the life of glitz and glam when the Columbine tragedy struck to make the world a better place with his words AND his actions.


He has interviewed everyone from the famous to the felonious and chronicled the world’s most provocative stories.  His first book TRIUMPHS OF THE HEART (PENGUIN-PUTNAM) was introduced by PRESIDENT G.W. BUSH. He went onto to write TRIUMPHS OF THE HEART II, BEYOND COURAGE – The Nine Principles of Heroism (BOTH FROM PENGUIN-PUTNAM).  His latest book OVERCOMING LIFE’S & COMMON TRAGEDIES (PAULIST PRESS) examines the positive potential of tragedy to bring people closer to each other and to realize their ultimate purpose.


His books have been translated into Chinese, Korean and Portuguese.  He is also a TV writer, editor, speaker and columnist with over a million readers.


He has worked as an editor at every level of the editorial process including editor-in-chief and publisher and has ghostwritten and edited numerous titles.


He also is a non-profit consultant/writer who works with organizations that reach out to the impoverished and mentally challenged.



"It's not about whether the glass is half full or half empty, it's about the value of the glass- the glass of your life is always valuable." --Chris Benguhe



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