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Funding rounds for the WYL Project will begin July 4th on Kickstarter. 

The funds we receive from Kickstarter will help us take our journey and project across America by putting on free-to-the-public seminars in each of the cities we visit, building our website, maintaining the seminars for the featured writers in the book along with publishing and editing costs to get the book in the hands of the public.


The net profits from the first book will be immediately funneled into a second, third and ongoing series of books to continue to empower Americans to tell their stories and change lives from coast to coast by exhibiting the great stories and the great people in America in their own words. CLICK HERE to support.

It’s time for America to tell its own story.


The Writing Your Life Project will be the inspiring and nation-changing book that comes from a groundbreaking cross country journey helping real Americans tell their compelling stories of self-discovery, empowerment and accomplishment.


Every single one of us has an important story to tell.


Our media today is saturated with sensational tales of fame and fortune. But the everyday stories of hardworking hopeful Americans who are living the real American dream by making their lives meaningful through their faith, families, friends, and communities are lost. Or at best, grazed over and trivialized. The result is that people in this country feel marginalized and unimportant as if their lives aren’t as meaningful as those “special people” they see on TV and in the news.


The Writing Your Life Project’s goal will be to transform the way we look at life and empower everyday people to see how important their lives are and how telling their stories can inspire so many others and then to collect and illustrate those stories in a series of socially transformative books.


Helping Americans Find Their Stories and Find Their Lives. 


The Writing Your Life Project: American Stories will be a collection of stories by everyday people telling their extraordinary stories. It’s the farmer who has successfully turned a failing farm into a thriving organic and sustainable future for himself, his community and his nation. Or it could be the aspiring clothing designer who competes in a dog-eat-dog fashion industry for a line and shop of their own. Maybe it’s the mother of five children working tirelessly to strengthen, educate and empower her family to live happy and productive lives against the tide of violence, drugs and greed. The Writing Your Life Project: American Stories will highlight all those Americans who fly underneath the radar of the mainstream media, inspiring readers to realize that though we may be reaching for different goals we are all apart of the American Dream.


We will educate and empower potential storytellers from coast to coast through a free inspirational and education seminar in ten major cities and online.


Each attendee will learn how to examine the arc of their lives, just as a writer sees a story – with a beginning, a middle and end that are brought about by the personalities and actions of the characters and dramatic secrets to writing a good story –structure, purpose and knowing your characters’ motivations – are also amazingly the key to understanding life.  The Writing Your Life Project will help thousands from coast to coast do both: to see and write their life story with purpose and intention.


Then we will pick 50 storytellers to include in The Writing Your Life Project: American Stories. We will personally work closely with each of these 50 new authors to refine and edit their stories.