The Humanity Projects

The Recharge Project

                                    Planned kickoff in January 2013


Helping Everyday Americans Jumpstart the American Dream.


Times are tough all over. But could our overwhelming economic downturn actually be the greatest opportunity America has ever seen to rediscover its greatness, its soul and its spirit?


Join us for a national campaign to discover and promote Americans transforming their careers, their communities and their nation by figuring out what others need most and how they can use their God given talents, backgrounds and abilities to deliver it.

The Get Connected Project

                                         Planned kickoff in July 2013


Because together we stand, and divided we fall. 

This series of inspirational, educational, and highly interactive forums will bring together people from all walks of life, economic sectors, racial and religious groups across the nation to find the meaning, purpose and practical value of social unity to rebuild America and their lives after a decade of tough times in America. These practical gatherings will not just talk about how to help each other but will actually make real connections happen creating a powerful national network of humans helping humans by reconnecting you to your families, your neighbors and your communities